Thursday, April 21, 2011

          I found another photo when I was "rummaging" around.  This was probably April 1975 and I believe we're on the Dedham Common, surrounded by all of those beautiful old homes.
            That is Alice Ungetheum next to me ( sorry if I spelled it wrong ! ) and Bob Behrman barely visible to the left behind the flag.  Maybe Mark McCarren completely behind the flag?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photos From Dave Malone

Dave scanned these from his own collection ( of course today with digital photography there would be hundreds plus video ! ). I will identify as best I can and always appreciate any help.

The 64th Regiment of Foot at Bunker Hill ( 1975 ? )

The 10th Regiment of Foot. I was no longer a participant and can't identify location.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Needham Town Common

Probably 1974. We held a mock showdown with a British officer in Needham Square on the Common.

Us, making ready to fire (me, second from right with pistol).

Hey ! Real gunpowder ! Wonder what kind of permit you have to have nowadays to do this.

I'm guessing that's Les Crumbaker of the Historical Society addressing us.

Definitely better uniforms than in the beginning !

Vaun Raymond (back to camera) as one of us demonstrates proper firing procedures.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mr. Rikhoff (back to camera) leading us in the Manual of Arms. Len Mackintosh, Bob Behrman, Jeff Rikhoff, his brother, Nick Schwartz, Lee Manning.

Okay, some of us also participated in re-enacting the British. In this case, his Majesty's 64th Regiment of Foot, getting ready to storm Breed's Hill (Bunker Hill). Nick Schwartz, Vaun Raymond, Mike Trudeau, Mike Sullivan. Note my cool officer's sash and white gloves.

Here we go (hmm; as an officer I get to march in front. Wonder what my life expectancy is at this point ?)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Liberty Pole Dedication

Yours truly attaching a Liberty cap to the top of the Liberty pole in front of the Needham Historical Society

More of the same

A careful descent

Safely down

Me in the middle; Lee Manning on the right (notice our uniforms have improved dramatically)

The fife and drum corps entertaining the crowd

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A little further along Chapel St.

No one has noticed that Donald Harris (in red) is wearing a woman's felt hat. My vest was a dress shirt with the sleeves cut off !

Rounding the corner from Highland Ave. onto Rosemary, our formation has lost some of its precision.

Mike Sockol, Nick Schwartz, Vaun Raymond

Needham Library behind us to the left.

Me avoiding looking at the camera.

Chris Lowe (far left) has removed his shoes; he refused to put them back on.

Me posing with my trusty axe (I told you we didn't have authentic weapons !).

Vaun with possibly the only real replica musket the group possessed at the time. The Stop & Shop in the background is now Sudbury Farms.
The Needham Militia was started by my friend, Vaun Raymond, in 1973, as a re-created Revolutionary War Militia Company. Needham sent 185 men out on the morning of April 18, 1775 towards Lexington and Concord to fight the British Regulars. Five were killed at the Jason Russell house in Menotomy (Arlington) along the route used by the retreating redcoats.

I think there were 6 of us originally. Our apparel was creative, to say the least. Over time the group grew larger and the clothing and weapons improved. I am posting every photo I have and would be interested in more, if anyone has them. I will try and identify the members in the photos, but it might be a little tough thirty years later.

Chris Lowe, Lee Manning, Donald Harris, Mike Sockol, Nick Schwartz, and Vaun Raymond on Chapel St., Needham. I think this was July 4,1973. At this point we have modified our clothes as best we can (pants were rolled up to resemble breeches !). I think the muskets are wooden dummies made by Vaun and painted to look real.