Friday, June 26, 2009

Liberty Pole Dedication

Yours truly attaching a Liberty cap to the top of the Liberty pole in front of the Needham Historical Society

More of the same

A careful descent

Safely down

Me in the middle; Lee Manning on the right (notice our uniforms have improved dramatically)

The fife and drum corps entertaining the crowd

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  1. That's me -- Brian Sullivan -- playing the bass drum. It was just a snare turned on its side. My uniform consisted of an authentic shirt and breeches, but the waistcoat was an old green sports coat my mother modified.

    Right around this time Ray Buscemi joined the group. He was a teacher in Abington -- I am pretty sure -- he took the reigns of the music program and really took it up a couple of notches. He pushed for the elders to get me a real bass drum, which they did. I carried the real drum for the next two or three years. The last time I saw it was at the Historical Society where it was on display in the 1990s.